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Thursday, July 30, 2015

29) The Sun-God (Surya) travelling in a Seven Horse Chariot driven by Aruna, (the Charioteer)- A Painting by Paromita:

The above is an image of a painting of the Sun-God (Surya) being driven in the Seven horse  by Aruna, (the Charioteer) made by Paromita

Some interesting representations of the Sun Chariot over several centuries:
The Rig-Veda, a Hindu text mentions the Sun God’s “Surya’s” chariot passing through the heavens, with seven horses (representing the seven colours of the rainbow or the seven chakras in the human body), yoked to his chariot named – “Gayatri”, “Brhati”, “Usnik”, “Jagati”, “Tristup”, “Anustup” and “Pankti”, driven by the charioteer Aruna.

The Sun God   has been described as traversing a distance of 95,100,000 yojanas or 760,800,000 miles in his orbit around the “Bhu-Mandala” in his horse-driven chariot at a speed of 2,000 yojanas and two kosas (16,004 kms) in a moment.

 Surya temples exist all over India, the most famous being the Sun Temple, at Konark, Orissa. Surya is also described as “Mitra” (meaning “friend” for his Life nourishing qualities.

In Norse Mythology, a reference to the sun being drawn by a chariot is found.

The Nordic myths were preserved orally for several thousands of years, similar to the oral traditions of the Hindu Mythology (“Shruti” – meaning “heard” and passed on through generations through oral traditions till they were written down in the Vedic texts).

In Norse Mythology, the Sun Goddess “Sol” personifies the Sun, who rode through the sky on her chariot pulled by two horses – “Arvak” and “Alsvid”. The Trundholm Sun chariot may represent an even earlier form of the Sun which predated the Sun Goddess, Sol.

Similarly in Celtic Mythology, the Sky God Taranis is typically depicted with the attribute of the spoked wheel.

The Trundholm Sun Chariot: The Trundholm Sun Chariot (in Danish “Solvognen”) is a late Nordic Bronze age artefact discovered in Denmark. It is a representation of the Sun chariot, a bronze statue of a horse and a large bronze disk which are placed on a device with spoked wheels. The Trundholm Sun Chariot dates back to around 1800 to 1600 BC.

 It was discovered in 1902 in a peat bog on the Trundholm moor in West Zealand County on the Northwest coast of the island of Sealand (Sjaelland) Denmark.

The two sides of the disk have been interpreted as an indication of the Sun drawn across the heavens from East to West during the day, presenting its bright side to the earth and returning from the West to East during the night, when the dark side is presented to the Earth. It is believed that a chariot similar to the artefact was pulled around during religious rituals to demonstrate the movement of the Sun in the heavens.

The above is an image of the Trundholm Sun Chariot, which is brightly lit/polished representing the Sun’s rays falling on the planet Earth as it traverses through the Sky during the day on his horse-driven chariot.

The above is an image of the Trundholm Sun Chariot, which is dull/unpolished, representing darkness of the night as the Sun’s chariot has traversed beyond this face of the Earth and night/darkness has fallen.


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